Iron Samson

January 2nd, 2013

In it you can believe it, seeing as it binds iron bars into knots. " The Manchester Guardian: 'According to the ads, he is the strongest man on earth, and once we do see it … this statement can be regarded as conclusive. " Legacy Zass Unfortunately, the legacy of the Iron Samson in Russia is still very little studied. And it's worth it, because he has reached phenomenal results with no innate abilities, and he invented the methods of training, which decades later were in demand by some weightlifters, intelligence officers, experts in unarmed combat, athletes of different martial arts. Zass alone went so far as to what has long walked in the East, learning the inner strength of breath, and struck West is a manifestation of an external force. Iron Samson without education is actually spent working as much as sports institutions.

Among the developments Zass are three main things: 1. Breathing. Zass like yogis and soldiers of the eastern Schools paid great attention to the formulation of breath and even developed his own set of breathing exercises. Not by chance the British, is very sensitive and measure every millimeter noted that chest excursion (Difference in circumference in a state of inspiration and expiration) is 23 centimeters. Owning your own breath allowed him to perform tricks that are masters of martial arts do not even dreamed of. For example, during performances in England, he offered 25 (big money) to any interested person who punch in the stomach will be able to move him.

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