International Crisis

February 24th, 2013

Overcome the crisis in his cabinet (or at least in part), the President of Peru, Alan Garcia, again thinking about the growth of the economy and deal with by attracting investors, while it is not very concerned about the international financial crisis that is putting the nerves of tip to several Latin American countries. The international financial crisis has virtually not changed the economic plans of the Government of Peru. Alan Garcia is dealing with encouraging foreign investors to invest in the country, exposing the multiple attractions offered its economy currently. This year, Peru expected to attract foreign direct investment US $8.305 million. More optimistic is this estimated figure, because it exceeds 55% than in 2007, when it amounted to US $5.343 billion and the international financial crisis was not as installed in the world markets. The evolution of foreign direct investment in Peru at a critical time for the global economy is showing signs of the assessment that the international investors made their achievements and their strength and demonstrates a recognition of the business opportunities that it offers.

These days they have become to confirm expectations of growth for the Peruvian economy that this year will be in 9%, according to estimates by the Government itself (already for 2009 growth projections are located in a no less important 7%). In this sense, Alan Garcia said with pride: we see with satisfaction and confidence as our country stands firmly despite international tremors and the consequences of such financial crises are our country on a sound footing. Such is the confidence of the Peruvian Government on the strength of its economy and envelope as well view that is from outside, who decides to redouble the bet and issue in brief titles of debt to 30 years in the midst of the worst international turbulence of recent times. Alan Garcia referred to this decision stressing: Economy Minister (Luis Valdiviezo) submitted a proposal intelligent and challenging.

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