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April 16th, 2013

Madrid, 17 December 2010-according to a study by Herbalife made in Spain, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Netherlands and Russia on moods and predisposition to Christmas in Europe consumption, Spanish, Greek and French, are the Europeans who most will look at your spending this Christmas. It is the main conclusion of the study by Herbalife, multinational direct sales of personal care and nutritional products. Only 12% of Greeks and 27% of Spaniards say have no problems coping with Christmas expenses, compared with 50% of Russians or 36% of Germans, countries whose citizens more optimistic are displayed before the capacity to undertake purchases of end of the year. In terms of the percentages of optimism and willingness of consumption by regions in Spain, only the northern part (46%) respondents claim not having to cut spending this year. The Andalusians, 51%, locals, 55%, and the Catalans (46%) are the most pessimistic at the respect and will have to face Christmas with a smaller budget. When asked about formulas to get extra income that will allow better reach end of month, respondents opted for direct sales, the system by which a person starts his own business of selling products to friends, etc. Again, Greeks (70%), Spanish (64%) French (47%) and Russians (49%) are the Europeans who most choose this option of fixed or temporary work as a way to get income that allow a better quality of life.

Yolanda Abad, Director of Marketing of Herbalife in Spain says Christmas, the slope of January or the vuelta Al cole are hard to afford seasons. In these situations, start a direct sales business is an interesting alternative to supplement income, as well as enjoy a business that does not require investment independent, comfortable and flexible. About Herbalife: Herbalife is one of the largest companies in the world that offers a wide range of control designed weight, nutritional supplements and personal care products to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Herbalife products are sold in 73 countries through a network of more than 2 million independent distributors. The Herbalife Family Foundation and Casa Herbalife programs, through the company promotes healthy nutritional habits among the child population of the world. Herbalife website contains all the information about the company, including financial information to interested investors.

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