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March 25th, 2014

Buying land, you need to know that there are many 'gotchas', which will be discussed in this article. For a start it would be good to have an idea of what kind of house you want and what size area you need to do. Maybe some would like to have an estate. But for the majority necessary to place under the house and rest that you have a convenient entrance and the prospect of summing up the communication. It is desirable to build such homes in the zones close to the sources that supply water and electricity. The existence in the construction of the pipeline will save the amount of energy consumed. First you need to study up to the specific details of such characteristics of future acquisitions, as geographical location, the exact size and, of course, price.

And only then you can sign a contract. On examination, the future of the site very carefully, make sure that does not close the cemetery, other disposal dump domestic and industrial waste. Necessary to pay attention to the fact that there are sites that are under ground communication, on the one hand good, because problems connection to the communication system will not. However, as this will reduce the number of variants of the land on which you can build your future ownership. Good to know everything about the prospects of the terrain: Will build major highways, industrial facilities, warehouses, etc. This can be done, for example, by going to a business forum. Important role in providing comfortable and convenient life for you and your children play and advanced infrastructure area, which is your own.

It is also important if you can come to work on time. Does not appeal, and cheapness of land – almost certainly it will fly you to buy then a lot of money, because a lot of money goes to summarize driveways and communications, as well as coordination. Necessary, as far as possible, just imagine how much money you will spend some time required to resolve all the problems. Typically, it takes about six months. Also determine the proportionality of the site and plans of your capabilities. People with limited financial resources sufficient and six acres in order to have a good summer in his house. For those who has a few more resources, it is recommended to pay attention to the land of fifteen acres or more. The larger plot of land will require you to large financial costs. Among them – the bigger the tax on land. From our side we can recommend to pay attention to Borodyansky area.

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