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March 18th, 2012

Here is an example My friend Olga lives with her husband, and my grandmother wants her husband to give him shelter through donations. But Grandma had already at an advanced age and can not walk the chain of command for a long time. Olga and all her family were invited to arrange a gift certificate authorization. Before the girl a question, but whether this power of attorney to issue it, because it is still his wife, the closest relative of her husband? Possible. Authorization to transaction may be represented by a third party.

On this basis, restrictions on family members do not exist. In our case, the notarised power of attorney. However, this requires the presence of the principal, ie grandmother. Or to arrange a call at the house of a notary. Should also be included in the proxy credentials for the donation contract for housing. Another interesting case is associated with the donation rent share of Grandma wants to give her granddaughter share an apartment, even though the rest of the share belongs to his granddaughter. Two issues arise. Do I have a notary certify the grandmother and the granddaughter of a contract, or you can immediately go into Companies House? And we need to somehow negotiate further accommodation grandmother in the apartment? Notarization of the contract of donation is not required.

In the interest of the grandmother in the contract of gift, you must specify that She will live in an apartment donated. And then in a situation where the apartment will be fully owned by his granddaughter, who knows what can happen. More complex cases with difficult faced Muscovite Stepan.

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