November 6th, 2013

What happened to Perera in its first seems technically impossible. Walked hurriedly man with an ugly toro of truth, of acarnerada face, astifinos pins, dull and faded, when, in a muletazo with right hand, del toro managed to hook it, raised him in weight, revolved around the Python, zarandeo in a bad way and already on the ground, sought him viciously with the two scythes was carrying. They were a few endless seconds; a flip such dramatic and harrowing of truth. The Goring was sung. But hete here Perera retrieves verticality not effortless, it is assumed that dizzy by the tremendous beating, and the only thing that looks is the right thigh to the air and shattered satchel. Incredible, but true. One of those miracles that occur many evenings in a Bullring. The only medicine that was applied was a pants cowboy pirate guy who wore the rest of the Bullfight. Source of the news:: endless catching

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