Brazilian Nilmar Honorato

October 24th, 2013

The Spanish team lost at home in their debut in the Champions League (0-2). Kroos and Rafinha made two goals from the match at El Madrigal. Results of Champions League rest Groups Calendar. Villarreal lost 0-2 in the first round of the Champions League against Bayern Munich, in a match in which the German team was far superior to the Castellon set, which was overrun by a rival who had a technical and physical level inaccessible to locals. Without practically any fissure in his game, Bayern dominated from start to finish to a Villarreal that put all of its part but that was not enough against an opponent that did not stop breathing at the team’s El Madrigal with a prodigious physical and an uncontrollable speed. He left Villarreal with a different from the usual idea is usually that deploy in their field and in front of his Lair to have the ball, on this occasion the lledo decided to wait for his rival and find the speed to each balloon recovery. However, Bayern showed very strong from the initial beep and created serious problems in dnsa Villarreal, who could not contain the offensive flow from the Bavarian group, which soon opened the scoring through Toni Kroos, seven minutes.

It was Ribery, a real torment in the first time for locals, who after a play in which two dense Villarreal took centered the ball and Kroos scored by Diego Lopez left from close to the penalty spot. Castellon team attempted it with actions of their attackers, the Brazilian Nilmar Honorato and Italian Giuseppe Rossi, although they had no luck in a first half in which Bayern showed much higher with a Ribery proved intractable with their overflowing by his band. Despite the superiority of Germans Mario Gaspar had a good chance to return the ranked on the scoreboard in the last moments, but goalkeeper Manuel Neuer stopped the ball with an outstanding action.

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