April 8th, 2017

This had that to adentrar for areas not cultivated with sugar cane-of-sugar, the example of the wasteland and hinterland northeasterns and, in the south center, for areas not cultivated with sugar cane-of-sugar, but that they would start to serve as it has supported the production of the gold. Century XVIII would be, therefore, marked for the reordenamento of the agricultural relations in Brazil, with the increasing stagnation of the sugar economy northeastern, the emigration of excess of the free population for the interior of the country and, the concentration of the enslaved work in the gold search. At the same time, the production of subsistence, north-eastern, was come back toward the canavieiro sector, as much of foods as the criatrias activities. In the center-south, from So Paulo, it is extended productive capacity aiming at to subsidize, in foods, the search for gold. If the food production did not demand great amounts of lands, the criatria economy, especially from bovine cattle, could not excuse such condition, at the same time where it needed little man power. That is, it did not lack in raised amounts, in such a way enslaved as free men. offer more in-depth analysis. But, it could serve, also, to favor the internalization of Brazil. However, the food production as the criatria, was impulsionadora of the exporting economies wants the sugar, the gold, the cotton or the coffee.

To the end of century XVII and during great part of century XVIII, the Brazilian economy centered especially in the sugar production it passed, ahead the external conditions, to meager. Its magnifying exclusively was based on the extensive production, without significant changes that provided the increase of the production and the productivity. Portugal, on the other hand, saw each time plus its dependence in relation to England if to take root.

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