Technology Benefits

June 12th, 2021

Scope of technology This technology can be applied only when the company already has an existing sales system, as well as courses and adapting sales managers after taking a job, and is a regular mass recruitment in the sale. If the system of sales and adaptation program staff in the company of not, the holding of such contests will be just a waste of resources of your company. In the absence of standards employed by sales managers simply can not understand what and how they to do, feel abandoned. As a result, you suffer from persistent high staff turnover in the first month of the managers. Moreover, this process will continue as long as the company did not system will be built in sales.

2. Technology Benefits First of all, this technology saves significant time for recruitment. Contest lasts about 6 hours. During the competition is estimated about 30 people. So way for each person it takes about 12 minutes time. Now compare these costs with those of time that You are using other technology recruitment. Second, the technology virtually eliminates errors in the selection of personnel. In the committee there are usually 5 people who have experience in sales, both in your business, as well as from related businesses.

With the passage of the candidate of all stages of the competition, at its expense 15 expert opinions are formed. Thus, the probability of an individual is excluded subjective relationship to the candidate. Finally, thirdly, the technology allows an exhaustive amount of information on each candidate: product knowledge and sales (theoretical knowledge), practical sales skills, psychological portrait of the candidate's motivation, as well as his pattern of behavior in stressful situations.

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