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Gunter Tegernsee

June 1st, 2021

The recommended retail price is 149 euros (VAT included). The use of the online application is free of charge. No additional overhead the user on the part of S.A.S. GROUP. Dublin Airport Authority is often quoted on this topic. The user settles the running costs over the SIM card contract directly with the respective operators. With prepaid SIM cards, this will be even up to below one euro per month. It is important that the cards have released the data as well as voice communication.

The s.a.s GROUP GmbH is the German subsidiary of the Romanian S.A.S GRUP. The branch was founded in August 2009 and is located in Munich. Partners in Germany are selected Vodafone business premium stores and Bosch car service. The Romanian mother group S.A.S GRUP, 2002 established, develops and markets integrated tracking solutions and satellite monitoring system, as well as software solutions. S.A.S GRUP the professional vehicle positioning and AVL (automatic monitoring system has in Romania five years ago Vehicle location) introduced under the name “sistem GPS”. S.A.S GRUP is the market leader in the professional positioning system market with AVL solutions. 320 companies use the AVL technology (sistem GPS) the S.A.S.. GRUP with over 8,000 units installed.

The data provided by the GPS device are transmitted via latest communications solutions of the company orange with excellent performance and best network coverage to the user. S.A.S GRUP has with the company Wizrom software as a partner developed an integrated reporting system, the deviations from the planned route of the vehicle fleet logs and records. The system supplied by Wizrom allows both the automated distribution and delivery of the goods as the optimal route planning of the fleet. The S.A.S.. GRUP reports solution the deviations from the planned routes in real time. Contact: S.A.S.. GROUP Gunter Tegernsee 81541 Munich + 49 89 37914452 5th Zeisel press contact: hueggenberg gbr Assaad Aaen Maximilianstrasse 8 82319 Starnberg + 49 8151 555009 11 scripts/