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August 19th, 2015

You have to know how to write for writing's a great question. I've been doing the all too often lately. I suppose I should be an axiom. But not all cases are equal. I do not write. I never learn. But for a time when the ideas flow from my mind and strife, the words flow almost without my being aware of them and my hands fly over the keyboard. I have an urgent need to communicate.

Never before had felt. I was always a "big ear" as I told my friends and especially my colleagues. He always had time to listen to who come to me to talk about their personal affairs. Always, too, trying to find the right word or comfort when needed. I loved helping my poor advice they had no scientific basis, but were dictated by my heart and my experience in life and especially with the skill that was acquired by listening to each of my patients. I have very fond memories of some of my friends when they came to tell me their problems or concerns and would comforted by my words, which is sensed without effort on their faces. Listen and speak if current practices were in my life. Write never.

So I wonder if now that I have so many like it, you should not just because of not having gone to school. Unfortunately I did not because I never felt the need to do, and now I'm living in England I would be quite difficult to study writing in Castilian. I suppose I could find a course online, but not if it does not interest me in that way or if I prefer to remain myself, but with errors, not a compendium of knowledge on the subject. My personality is too formed my age (65 years) and for some pre-established rules may be accepted without further. The questioning would be almost all, but above all things, I think that instead of giving way to my ideas almost without thinking about it, the exhaustive analysis would be taking away the authenticity that has the spontaneity. So my question is not answered. Such Once someone, if she reads this can help me with your opinion. Meanwhile try to keep writing whenever ideas come to mind.