June 1st, 2021

Practical steps 1. Often the selection of Reviewers may be useful to consider the wishes of the report's authors, though blindly follow them does not make sense. 2. Reviewers and other experts to whom they can seek help with the permission of the editor, must comply with confidentiality of the information contained in the report about the study. 3.

The reviewer has no right to copy the report and must return to the original editor. 4. Reviewers and editors can use the data obtained during the research, as well as the arguments and conclusions of the authors only with their permission. 5. Reviewers need to quickly provide accurate and reasonable review, written in a polite form and does not contain systematic errors. 6. If reviewers question the integrity of the authors, they should privately and in writing inform the editors.

7. The logs should contain a detailed and accurate description of the review process, selection of articles and submission appeals. Continue to learn more with: CEO Marks & Spencer. 8. Journals should regularly report the number of articles accepted for publication, as well as of the date of publication. 6. Duplicate publication is unacceptable Terms publish articles in several journals, containing the same materials (hypotheses, evidence, arguments in the "Talk" or "conclusions"), but without full cross-references. Practical steps 1. No need to once again publish the study report, If the situation is already published articles, Noah did not need further confirmation. 2. After the publication of research results in the form of abstracts in the proceedings of the symposium and conference report on the study can be represented in Editor, reporting a previous publication.

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