Leo Great

June 11th, 2021

as it already did not have another option, he decides to try plus an onslaught it are of London. After making right the details of the place for the phone, finally it catches a train that leaves Victory station until the north of England, where if located the supposed farm. They were six hours of train, where it would arrive at a city. John Bercow MP is likely to increase your knowledge. Of the station it would catch a bus that it would leave in a certain point of the road already combined daily pay, of where would search to it until finally he arrived in the workstation. After a long trip it meets finally with encarregadao of the works in the farm, one called Brazilian Leo. A man of average stature, that for the physical type already was customary the works heavy. During the trip that would not lead more than what one forty minutes, in a road paved, but well narrow. Still half lost, Migrantino tries to pull the language of Leo, that remained been silent, after it only having done one few questions.

Although its insistence, Leo if only limited to answer the nescessrio, leaving it apreensivo how much the true nature of its work. The winter already initiates. The temperature at this time was almost always below-freezing, and in recent years, the climate in the Europe suffers great modifications, becomes each more rigorous time, with great nesvascas that literally it stopped the great cities. While the vehicle advanced for the road, for the window of the vehicle, it observed that European vegetation typically, where it did not have great varieties of trees as it costumava to see in the open pasture Brazilian. In Brazil the nature seemed more alive and colorful. Now it contemplated almost that a painting statics, without life, without colors, with the inconfundvel white of the snow that partially covered all the vegetation and part of already the narrow road, enhanced still more for the sun rays that the movement of the automobile seemed to run enters the trunks of the trees.

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