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August 19th, 2015

The former are called individual rights that emerged most strongly from the French Revolution, yet they are inherent to man and man is born with what his life is forever. The second arose in the era of industrial revolution in England and are called social and economic rights. And third of recent data are known as collective rights of peoples. (2)) exists in the international arena endless declarations and UN resolutions which call for some even these rights have become the doctrine of ius cogens status under international law is mandatory, urgent and non-derogable. Then the various constitutions necessarily have introduced these fundamental rights, and if it is true that some are not mentioned specifically, for example a the right to self-determination of pueblosa as third generation rights, the just cogent character that gives the international doctrine makes them introduced in itself without the need for an international treaty to which the rule of law need to be bound. The example of Peru and Bolivia for example is given in section 3A and 35 respectively which states: a

The list of rights restored in this chapter does not exclude others that the constitution guarantees or other similar nature that are founded on dignity of man, or to the principles of popular sovereignty, the democratic rule of law and the republican form of gobiernoa … a Las declarations, rights and guarantees that proclaims this Constitution shall not be construed as a denial of other rights and guarantees are not statements that emanate from the sovereignty of the people and the republic form gobiernoa a The analysis and reading of the two constitutional provisions can be interpreted as glossed in the field of human rights, rule of law in the above constitutions need not be bound by any treaty, by itself all human rights recognized by international law and even more those of jus cogens character DOMESTIC LAW ARE PART OF EACH STATE IS REGARDLESS SEa’ALADOS ENA are explicitly constitutional texts. ..

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